Does Chocolate Cause Acne? The Truth Behind the Myth

Many of us have probably been told by at one point in our lives that devouring a tempting chocolate bar is actually bad for our skin.  But is there any real science behind this? In other words, does chocolate cause acne? The short answer is no.  Chocolate, by itself, is not known to cause any breakouts or any acne.  In fact, dark chocolate has many excellent health benefits, including its antioxidant properties.  What can be less than beneficial for our skin are the other ingredients commonly found in milk chocolate.  But wait, we just asked does chocolate cause acne and answered with no! What gives? Well, milk chocolate has many additives in it, which preserve flavor and can enhance the taste. It also has a lot of sugar and fat and foods that have large amounts of fats and sugars can increase production of oil, redness, or inflammation in your skin. However, the actual cocoa bean is not harmful to your skin.

All this being said, a healthy diet is also very important in maintaining healthy skin, and filling up on chocolate instead of eating a well balanced diet of other nutritious foods can lead to less than clear skin.  If you are finding, however, that even with eating well, you are still suffering from acne and breakouts, then you’re probably more than ready to find a fast and easy solution.  Well, now there is one: DermCheck App.  DermCheck App allows users to connect with dermatologists through virtual consultations at a fraction of the cost of an in office visit.  Not to mention, there is a 24 hour response rate with DermCheck App doctors so there is no need to wait weeks just to get an appointment, and the dermatologists are able to submit prescriptions to whatever pharmacy your choose.  You submit your consultations on your own time.  Ready to clear up your skin?  Download DermCheck App today!!

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