Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoyl peroxide is a keratolytic agent and has antibacterial properties. Its properties, such as antibacterial, keratolytic (peeling) and drying effect, make it suitable to be an effective medicine for acne treatment. It’s an organic compound consisting of a peroxide link bridging the two benzoyl groups. It’s one of the most important organic peroxides due to its high production and application. Structural formula of benzoyl peroxide is: [C6H5C(O)]2O2

benzoyl peroxide
Uses of Benzoyl peroxide

It’s used for various reasons including:

World Health Organization includes it in the list of Essential Medicines. When used as the treatment for acne, it’s usually used as a combination with other medicines and treatments. It works by reducing the number of bacteria that cause acne and also dries the skin and causes it to peel off. Always consult a doctor before using benzoyl peroxide or any other medicine as every medicine has its own side effects. Also make sure that the products you’re buying have the required ingredients. Even similarly named medicines may have very much different ingredients in them that are intended for different condition and purpose and can potentially harm you.

benzoyl peroxide
Do NOT use Benzoyl peroxide gel if

Conditions and situation when not to use benzoyl peroxide gel include:

If you’re having any of the above-mentioned conditions, consult your doctor and discuss in detail if benzoyl peroxide gel is safe for you or if it may interact with any medicine or supplement that you’re taking.

Drug Interactions

Drug interactions result in reduced efficacy or increased side effects of the drug being used. Possible drug interaction of benzoyl peroxide includes:

Not all drug interactions are listed here. Discuss your past medical history and known allergies with your doctor before using this medicine. Also tell him any medicines or products you’re currently using or when you use them in future to rule out any possible drug interactions.

How to use benzoyl peroxide gel

Discuss with your doctor in detail how exactly you should use and apply the gel. Also, read the instructions on the leaflet with the medicine to see exact instructions and dose recommended for that product. Usually, the instructions to use benzoyl peroxide gel include:

Discuss in detail with your doctor if you have any query or issue regarding using benzoyl peroxide gel.

Safety and Precautions

While using benzoyl peroxide, please keep these precautions and safety instructions in your mind:

If you’re having any of these issues or any other that’s not listed here, discuss in detail with your doctor if it’s safe for you to continue using the medicine or not.

Side effects of Benzoyl Peroxide Gel

All medicines have their side effects, although they may not affect everyone. Certain common side effects of benzoyl peroxide include:

These symptoms can be managed by general precaution. However if they persist or get worse, stop using the medicine and consult your doctor immediately. In some cases, severe side effects may occur, including:

Note that this isn’t the complete list of side effects. Discuss with your doctor regarding possible side effects of benzoyl peroxide or any other drug in the product that you’re being advised. If you experience any of the severe side effects, stop using the drug, wash it off if possible and go to the hospital immediately to prevent any life threatening situation or serious condition.