Acne and Dairy

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Most people put milk in their cereal, milk in their coffee or tea, there’s probably cheese on the most recent sandwich that you ate, and a favorite dessert of many? Ice cream.  But did you know that consuming all this dairy may actually be causing the breakouts and acne you might be suffering from?  In 2008 F. William Danby, MD, wrote an article citing that he had found causation between dairy consumption and acne breakouts.  It turns out that many people who suffer from acne and remove dairy from their diets actually see an increase in clearer skin and a decrease in breakouts!  This in part may be due to the fact that milk contains components that are similar to the testosterone hormone which may stimulate oil glands and lead to blemish production.

Cutting out dairy from your diet may seem intimidating to some, but there are so many milk substitutes on the market today that it can be quite simple!  There’s all sorts of milks derived from rice, almond, coconut, soy, even hemp milk exists.  Brands are even carrying imitation cheese.  And of course there are all sorts of dairy free desserts.  Some are made using a milk substitute and some, like fruit sorbets, are made without any dairy at all!

Although cutting out cow based dairy products can help with acne, for some even this isn’t enough.  If this is the case with your breakouts, there is now a fast, simple, and effective way to clear up your skin. DermCheck App!!  This app allows users to connect with dermatologists and send in images and questions about their skin concerns, including acne.  The dermatologists have a 24 hour response time and are even able to provide prescriptions sent to the pharmacy of your choice along with a treatment plan.  So what are you waiting for?! Download DermCheck App today and see how it can work for you!

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