Fall in love with your skin!

fall in love with your skin


Temperatures are dropping, leaves are changing, and pumpkin everything is popping up in places we didn’t even know it could (pumpkin chewing gum, Wrigley’s… really?)  Fall has officially arrived, and as the seasons are changing, why not change up your skin care too? We often think of summer as increasing sweat and oil production in our skin, and winter as making our skin as dry as the Sahara (…just like the awful Thai take-out we had last night.)  But what about those in-between seasons?  What does fall do to our skin that other seasons don’t?  In some ways this is actually pretty easy to figure out.  Basically think of it as a bit of a combination between summer and winter.  There are still going to be those odd greasy/sweaty days that pop up and make us feel like our skin is melting, but then once the chill kicks in and those heaters are turned on, get ready to have thatmoisture sucked out of your skin.  So here’s DermCheck’s list of recommended fall skin care products:

1. Bring that moisture back! For those cooler, drier, days.

murad oil control moisture

Murad has an excellent range of facial moisturizers to suit whatever your skin type may be.

2. Exfoliate and get rid of those lingering dead skin cells.

ole walnut scrub

Keep with that fall vibe and exfoliate your skin with a lovely walnut complexion scrub by Ole Henriksen.

3. Face masks!

clinique moisture surge

For a little added moisture in your life, try the Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask.


oil control clinique mask

Whereas the Clinique Oil Control Cleansing mask helps to suck out those impurities from your skin.


And for those tough to fix skin conditions? There’s always the DermCheck app!

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