Whey Protein and … Acne?

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Sure, who doesn’t want be in shape?  Who doesn’t want to have those toned abs and energy to burn?  For many of us this desire leads us in droves to nearby gyms or other work out classes, and while there it’s often hard to avoid hearing nearby hulks standing next to machines and discussing their preferred post-workout protein drink of choice.  More often than not, whey is main source of protein in these beverages.  Whey protein is the most commonly reached for protein substance in the nutrition market today.  The global whey protein market in 2014 had a value of 5.4 billion dollars and by 2020 it is estimated to reach a total of $8 billion. These are staggering numbers, and many nutrition enthusiasts and body builders alike, take and encourage the use of whey.  Yet what many may not be aware of is the correlation between taking this seemingly helpful protein, and the extremely unwanted development of acne.

Of course we’d all love to feel and look our best, and taking a protein supplement to help speed this process up can often be tempting.  But, do we really want to have our bodies finally reach that goal we’ve been striving towards, only to feel self-conscious about showing it off due to a nasty sprouting up of bacne? (Bacne is also known as back-acne for those who have never experienced this unwelcome phenomenon). Not to mention acne on any other part of the body or face.  Dermatologists, it turns out, have found that many people who take whey supplements suffer from acne because of this. In a study done back in 2012 it was found that teenage patients experienced acne, when they hadn’t had it before, shortly after starting to take whey protein.  After the discontinuation of the protein their acne cleared up, and when one of them began again with the supplement, his acne began again as well.

None of this is to say that all protein powders are bad for you.  There are alternatives to whey such as soy, hemp, rice, casein, and even egg white.  Although whey may be toted as being the most cost effective and most efficient, you may have to ask yourself if the acne that can come along with it is really worth it.  For those who may have already had breakouts, either due to whey or otherwise, and are concerned about this there is always an easy solution.  Recently developed and released on the App Store (Android version coming soon so don’t feel too left out non-Apple users), DermCheck App is a new platform that allows you to have a virtual consultation with a dermatologist right from your phone.  Not only do you not have to leave your house to submit a consultation request, you also save money on those costly co-pay fees since DermCheck is much cheaper than your average in office visit.  So why wait? Download it today and get a free consult for your first visit.

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