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Bakersfield Dermatology

Bakersfield is one of the cities in Kern County, California. It has a population of about 375,000 and is the 9th largest city in California by population.The neighborhoods include Central Bakersfield, North Bakersfield, East Bakersfield and South Bakersfield. Bakersfield is comprised of 57% white and 45% Hispanic population. There are multiple hospitals in Bakersfield, including San Joaquin Community Hospital, Bakersfield Memorial Hospital and Mercy Hospital Downtown.

There are not many dermatology offices in Bakersfield, CA.

Dermatology Clinics in Bakersfield

Dermatologist are skin specialists who specialize in diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions. Here is a short list of skin conditions treated by board certified dermatologist in Bakersfield, CA.

  1. STD (Sexually transmitted diseases)
  2. Skin pigmentation
  3. Sunburn
  4. Acne
  5. Eczema
  6. Allergic reactions and rashes
Bakersfield Dermatologist Cost and Procedures

Dermatologist are expensive since there are not many dermatologist, especially in Bakersfield. The average cost to see a Dermatologist may be between $150 to $250. There are now affordable options to see a dermatologist in Bakersfield. This includes using the DermCheck Dermatology platform, which allows users to see a dermatologist online. Insurance are accepted, such as Cigna, Aetna United, and Blue Shield of California. There are other insurances that are accepted, so please call 800-902-4247 to check insurance verification. If insurance is not accepted, the cost of seeing a dermatologist through the app is only $39.95, which is significantly much cheaper than seeing a dermatologist in person. If you are looking for a dermatologist in Bakersfield, you can download the apps by clicking here.

The most common procedures performed in the dermatologist office in Bakersfield include:

  1. Biopsy
  2. Draining of cysts
  3. Wart removal
  4. Mole removal
Wait Time for Bakersfield Dermatologists

By doing a google search, one can only find 4 dermatology group in Bakersfield. This means that trying to see a dermatologist could take a long time, given the fact that there are not many dermatologist. The average national wait time for a dermatologist is about 28 to 29 days. There is an easier way to see a dermatologist. Dermcheck Dermatology gives users the ability to see an online dermatologist from the comfort of their own home. Just download the app, take photos and submit. If you want to talk to a dermatologist, you can also make an appointment and see a live dermatologist via a video chat service.

Bakersfield Dermatologist:
  1. Dermatology and Skin Cancer of Bakersfield
  2. Bakersfield Dermatology
  3. Kern Dermatology Medical Group
  4. Advanced Cosmetic Dermatology

Using DermCheck Dermatology, you can eliminate the long drive to a dermatologist office and see a dermatologist online. Click on the "See a Dermatologist" tab to see a dermatologist in San Jose today.

Why DermCheck Dermatology

We have Board Certified Dermatologists who will see you online from the comfort of your own home.We accept most PPO insurances. Most of our dermatologist are trained in San Jose County, including UCLA Dermatology, USC Dermatology and UC Irvine Dermatology. We offer the following benefits: