Could Your Acne Be Telling You More About Your Body?

 Have you ever wondered if the acne breakouts on your face could be corresponding to something more than just random bacteria and oil production?  Maybe its a symptom of something else going on in your body?  Well, according to both traditional Chinese and Ayurveda medicine the places where you break out could be signs of unhealthiness in other parts of you!  Now, before you start jumping to conclusions, the best solution for any acne problems in our modern society is to consult with an actual dermatologist.  But, it can be interesting to learn what other cultures believed about our skin.If your acne breakouts are above your Eyebrows/Forehead: This aligns with your digestive system and what you are eating.

In Between your Eyebrows: Aligns with your liver, specifically over drinking!

To the Outer Sides of your Eyes:  Aligns with your kidney.

Your Nose: Connected to your heart. Either Ear:  Kidneys again!

Left and Right Cheeks: Aligns with your respiratory system.

Either Side of your Mouth: HORMONES!! Could be aligned with that time of the month ladies..

Tip of your Chin: Your body is trying to tell you about stomach health.

Your Neck:  Illness and the immune system.

All of these are interesting hypotheses, but if you want to get your acne breakouts taken care of once and for all by a board certified dermatologist without even having to leave your home, download DermCheck App today!!  

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