Exercise and Sweat and Acne, Oh My!!

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Have you ever noticed that your skin tends to breakout right along the places where you also sweat heavily? Perhaps on your forehead or along your back? If this sounds like you, it could be that you have a form of acne called pityrosporum folliculitis. Sweat and acne tend to go hand in hand for many people, unfortunately. These breakouts are caused by a form of yeast that is on everyone’s skin, yet some people’s pores are unable to fight off the yeast very well. Add in a sweat laden area and the yeast takes off, creating pimples in its wake.   This is one of the reasons that it is so important to shower right after you have finished working out or have worked up any sort of a sweat. The longer the sweat is allowed to stay on your skin, the longer the yeast has to multiply in these warm moist regions. So get a head start on acne and rinse off after you’re through exercising! Don’t wait around and let those blemishes creep up on you. Pityrosporum folliculitis also happens to be a very stubborn form of acne to cure and it often requires more than just frequent bathing. A dermatologist is able to prescribe medications for it, however, and luckily there is now a very simple and affordable way to gain access to a dermatologist. DermCheck App. This recently developed platform allows users to submit photographs of their skin concerns to a dermatologist right through the app (don’t worry it’s all fully secure and HIPAA compliant) and to receive a treatment plan, and if necessary a prescription, within 24 hours. So if acne is troubling you, why wait? Download DermCheck App and get that taken care of today!

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