Is There a Magical, Non-Acne-Causing Foundation Out There?!

Follow blog with Bloglovin! This, unfortunately, is not a black and white answer.  There are so many articles out here on the internet about which brands of foundation are particularly helpful for acne and like-wise, which brands are not.  But the truth of the matter is that the only way to really tell if a foundation will break you out is to test it.  Everyone’s skin reacts to ingredients differently and even make up that is listed as “non-comedogenic” might have other ingredients in the product that cause skin irritation or pimples.   Similarly you may find a foundation that works wondrously for your skin, but makes a friend erupt in zits!  Often, trying to use foundation for acne cover up may increase the appearance of your blemishes. Nobody wants that! It’s a good idea not only to find foundation that doesn’t irritate your skin or clog your pores, but it’s important to find a foundation for acne that works to hid it!The best solution is always to test a product out. For drugstore brands this can be tricky as they often don’t have testers set out or samples you can bring home with you to try.  Always check about the return policy that the store has so that you can return the product and try a different one if it irritates your skin.  For most high end foundations you may not want to shell out that much cash just to try out a product, even if it is returnable.  Luckily though, most stores that carry high end products, such as Sephora, offer samples so that you can bring home a bit of the product and see if it is really worth the investment. If you wear foundation frequently and find that you also have frequent breakouts, switching up your makeup brand could be a good place to start to find a cause and a solution.  But even this may not work for everyone.  For those with more stubborn acne cases?  There’s DermCheck App!  An app for your phone that provides you with a virtual dermatologist right at your fingertips.  They’re even able to provide you with prescriptions if needed.  So download it now and see what DermCheck App can do for your skin!

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