What is Murad Acne Complex?

Murad Acne Complex is an innovative skincare treatment formula that has been specifically designed for the treatment of acne and prevention of further outbreaks of acne. The unique complex has 5 key steps that attack various types of acne in people of all ages and races. The product has consistently shown to be one of the most effective non-prescription formulas for treating acne not only on the face, but also on other parts of the body.

murad acne complex
What are the key benefits of Murad Acne Complex?

The formula has several benefits. First, Murad Acne Complex is a clear solution so when you apply it on your face, it will not be seen.

Murad Acne Complex can be used on all types of skin and in people of all ages. The ingredients are oil free, naturally occurring, and can be used in people with sensitive skin. The majority of people who use this formula have a positive result.

What does the Murad Acne Complex contain?

The complex formula is a mixture of plant extracts such as lime oil, lemon oil, apricot kernel oil and tangerine oil. These oils are refined and do not plug up the pores. The Murad Acne Complex does not contain benzoyl peroxide or any alcohol. The natural oils in the complex act as antioxidants and prevent further skin damage. They also help to improve the skin texture. The two key ingredients in Murad Acne Complex are salicylic acid and sulfur.

What are the steps involved when using Murad Acne Complex?

The Murad complex has 5 key steps:

  1. A clarifying cleanser that contains salicylic acid, which acts as an exfoliant and also hydrates the skin. Salicylic acid also kills the bacteria known to cause acne.
  2. Exfoliative acne treatment gel that contains glycolic acid and retinol. This combination further exfoliates the skin, opens the pores and prevent further acne breakouts.
  3. The spot treatment contains sulfur which acts as an exfoliant, helps with healing and stimulates growth of healthier skin. Other ingredients in the spot treatment include licorice, hydrolyzed oat flour, and vitamins C and E. This combination helps prevent skin damage, ensures that the underlying tissues are well hydrated and that the pores remain open.
  4. Moisturizing skin perfecting lotion is used to hydrate the skin without cause any irritation. It results in a smoother and younger looking skin.
  5. The clarifying mask is used to draw out impurities and other debris as well as remove the excess oil. Regular use helps make the skin look young and acne free.
How does Murad Acne Complex work?

Murad Acne Complex works in several ways. The complex gets rid of the inflammation, kills the bacteria that causes acne, opens up the pores and removes all the oil, dead skin and debris. In addition, the oils in the Murad Complex hydrate the skin and the vitamins act as antioxidants and prevent further damage to the skin. The end result is skin that is acne free and younger and smoother looking

murad spot treatment
How does one use Murad Acne Complex?
  1. For the best results, Murad Acne Complex has to be applied twice a day, once in the morning and once just before bedtime.
  1. Before you apply the formula, wash your face with the Murad Clarifying Cleanser. Then gently pad the face dry.
  1. Apply a thin film of the Murad Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel on the
  1. Next apply the Murad Skin Perfecting lotion.
  1. This is followed by applying a thin film of the Murad Acne Spot Treatment directly on to any skin lesions. It is important not to apply the Spot treatment on normal skin.
When does the acne improve with Murad Acne Complex formula?

The benefits of Murad Acne Complex are not instant and take time. Most people start to see clearing of the acne after 3-4 weeks. Some people with mild acne may start to see improvement in their skin a lot earlier.

Why does my skin appear worse after starting Murad Acne Complex?

Initially when you apply the Murad Acne Complex your skin will appear worse for a few days. The reason for this is that initially the ingredients start to remove all dead skin, oils and debris. During this cleansing process, the skin often appears worse. However, this is a transient phase and only lasts a few days. It is important not to stop the treatment when this occurs.

Why is my facial skin very dry/oily after using the Murad Acne Complex?

Some people may develop dry skin and others may develop an oily skin after starting the Murad Acne Complex. The reason for the dryness is that rapid removal of the dead superficial skin. This will soon be replaced by new skin which is normal looking. The reason for the oily skin is that the Complex opens up the plugged pores and the oils in the acne lesions starts to pour out. Once the excess oil is removed, the new skin will start to look healthy with normal texture and complexion. For these reasons try and not apply the Murad Acne Complex on normal skin.

Can one wear makeup whiling using the Murad Acne Complex?

In general, it is not recommended that you use other facial products while you use Murad Acne Complex. But if you use facial makeup, avoid applying it on the acne lesions. The more chemicals you add on your skin, the higher the risk of irritation. Always read the labels of makeup products before you apply them on your face. Avoid products which contain saturated oils, minerals and serums. These products are more likely to block the pores and worsen the acne or they may even cause more comedone formation.

Can the Murad Acne Complex be used on other parts of my body?

Acne usually tends to occur in parts of the body where there are oil glands. And this includes the chest, back, upper arms and neck. So you can use the Murad Acne Complex on these parts of the body. If you have back or chest acne, maintain good skin hygiene at the same time. Make sure that you sleep on clean bed sheets and the changes your towels frequently. Do not share personal care products with others. If you tend to sweat a lot, change your clothes frequently and carry antiperspirant pads with you. Avoid using fragrances and perfumes to mask the smell of sweat.

Can Murad Acne Formula be used to treat cystic acne?

Murad Acne formula is excellent for red pimples, blackheads and whiteheads but it is not the recommended treatment for cystic acne. This skin disorder needs to be treated by a skin doctor as it requires potent medications.

Can Murad Acne formula be used by everyone?

Yes, Murad Acne Complex can be used by both men and women. It should not be used in children under the age of 12. Murad Acne Complex also appears to work well in people of different races and skin colors.

Can Murad Acne Complex be used to treat other skin disorders?

Yes, Murad Acne Complex can be used to treat other skin blemishes like unwanted pigmentation, rosacea, adolescent acne and minor acne scars. Deep acne scars generally require more expert care from plastic surgeons and dermatologists.

Can I use sunscreen after applying Murad Acne Formula?

Yes, it is highly recommended that you apply a sunscreen with a high SPF every time you go outside. This will help prevent darkening of your skin. In addition, wear a hat and long sleeved garments to protect your body from the rays of the sun. In fact there is also a Murad Oil Free Sunblock available.

Where can I buy Murad Acne Complex?

You can buy Murad Acne Complex from the Murad Website or from many other online cosmetic stores