What is Onexton?

Onexton gel is a drug with a combination of antibiotic and drying properties made by Valeant Pharmaceuticals. It’s indicated to be topical treatment of acne vulgaris and works by killing the bacteria associated with acne.

Contents of Onexton

Onexton gel contains:

Both drugs are combined to get more results as compared to what either of them would have achieved alone. Note that both of these drugs are used for various purposes other than the treatment of acne. They both have their own side effects and therefore shouldn’t be used without doctor’s advice. Ingredients of Onexton gel include:

The active ingredients provide the intended pharmacological and therapeutic activity directly. Any other compound present in the drug is called an inactive ingredient.

When Not to use Onexton

Onexton and other drugs should not be used without a qualified physician’s advice. There are many conditions in which using Onexton is questionable and should not be taken including:

The constituents of this drug can interact with various other drugs not listed here, thus using this medication should be discussed in detail with your doctor. Discuss your past and current medical and surgical histories. Also tell them if you have allergy to any food or medicine.

How to use Onexton Gel

Use this gel exactly like your doctor instructs you. He may advise you to use it as follows, however if he tells you differently as per your condition, follow his advice.

Precautions for using Onexton Gel

While using Onexton, make sure you don’t have any of the above mentioned conditions when not to use it. Also make sure that you:

Side effects of Onexton

Onexton may cause serious side effects in some patients, including:

If you experience any of the side effects related to Onexton, stop its usage, clean it from your skin if possible and see an expert immediately and discuss in detail what might be causing these symptoms and if it’s safe for you to continue using it.

Onexton overdose

The medicine present in Onexton is not safe for swallowing. If swallowed or otherwise overdose is suspected, contact poison control or your doctor as early as possible to avoid any severe complications.

Storage of Onexton Gel

When storing the medicine, follow these guidelines:

Remember that using medicines on your own can be harmful, even if they’re only topical gels. Onexton should be avoided if you have any of the above-mentioned concerns for its usage or if you’re pregnant, expecting to be pregnant, or breast-feeding. If there are any undesired symptoms or results while using the medicine, stop using it immediately and consult your doctor.