What is Rosacea?

If you don’t know what is rosacea yet, or how the skin affected by this condition looks, then you may be rather young. So what is rosacea? It is a skin condition, rather common, especially seen in people that are over the age of 30. As we advance in age, the skin becomes more sensitive and requires more care because it becomes more vulnerable to the action of external factors. If you are wondering what triggers this condition, you should know that the exact causes are not known. All that is known for certain is the fact that something bothers the skin, producing irritation, discomfort, and makes the skin look a particular way.

What does Rosacea look like?

Speaking of looks, you may want to know how rosacea affects the skin and the way it appears. As the name of the condition may indicate, it creates patches of skin that are redder on the nose, cheeks, forehead, and chin. In some cases, small bumps, or even pimples, will appear on these red areas, enhancing the issue. But one’s skin is not the only thing affected by rosacea, as there are cases when the eyes get some symptoms as well, such as soreness or a burning sensation. It is not comfortable suffering from rosacea, regardless of the fact that it will make the skin look unaesthetic. The skin is probably one of the most important parts of our body, and not because it is the largest organ, but because it gives us the confidence we need. The skin’s appearance will affect our appearance as well. So a skin condition that is visible will have a detrimental effect on our confidence and self-esteem, especially when we are out in society.

What causes rosacea?

The causes of rosacea are not known, but one thing that is for sure is that it is not a bacterial infection. Also, greater incidences of rosacea occur in persons with a fair skinned complexion or in those that tend to blush rather easily. It was also noticed that it is a characteristic that runs in families, so if one of your parents or close relative suffer from rosacea, there are very high chances that you will as well, even if you are not displaying symptoms at the moment. For a doctor, it is easy to recognize rosacea without the need to complete detailed medical tests. The red patches that form on the face are the signs that make the condition easily diagnosed. In the past, it was believed that alcohol was a cause for rosacea, but it has been discovered that drinking has nothing to do with it. Although, when consuming alcohol, the redness of the face may become more prominent, due to the expansion of the blood vessels. The same thing can happen when consuming spicy food, when exercising, staying out in the sun or wind, taking hot baths and showers, or when we are exposed to stress. But even if the exact causes are not known, there is a treatment for rosacea. You shouldn’t worry if you notice red patches forming on your face. The condition is treatable and can be kept under control. Even so, you should not treat rosacea lightly because in cases where the condition is not treated there are serious consequences. Lack of rosacea treatment can lead to the skin on the face becoming thicker and very uncomfortable, or it can even lead to the loss of eyesight. But these are rare cases. If you get the help of a doctor, you will be able to keep the condition and its symptoms under control. You should know there is no permanent cure for rosacea because no one knows yet what causes it. But, with the help of particular rosacea treatments, people suffering from this condition will have it under control, and be able to lead a normal life. The redness that appears on the skin and the breakouts are usually treated with the help of antibiotics or special creams that contain medicine to reduce symptoms. If the redness is produced by the small blood vessels found under the skin’s layer, it can be reduced with the help of laser treatments or with intense pulsed light. Keep in mind that once rosacea develops, your skin will be more sensitive and will require a bit more attention. It will become more dry and sensitive than usual, so on a sunny day, do not go out without wearing a proper sunscreen. Pick skin care products that are made for sensitive skin, or that are made using natural and safe ingredients. Also, you may want to get a good moisturizer, because of the dry feeling and appearance of the skin. An organic moisturizer is the best thing you can use because it will have no chemicals or preservatives that may aggravate your already suffering skin. A moisturizer will keep the skin hydrated during the hot and cold seasons, reducing the red patches on your skin. If you also suffer from sore and burning eyes, you can alleviate these symptoms by using products that lubricate and hydrate the eyes, like artificial tears. Do get your eyes checked, though, just in case you might need special eye drops as a treatment. In the worst cases, when the skin gets thicker and bumps appear, only cosmetic surgery will be able to reverse the effects. This is why it is important to get treatment when the illness is still in its early phases, to keep it under control and avoid these unfortunate results.

How do you treat rosacea?

Besides the rosacea treatment you will get from your doctor, there are some things you can do yourself, to keep the symptoms from manifesting too much. For instance, you need to see what is causing the flare ups, the moments in which your red patches become even redder more and visible. Be careful what you eat and drink, or what you do, that might be leading to these symptoms becoming worse. Once you know what makes your rosacea look bad, you will just have to avoid it. You can write these causes in a journal and discuss them in the next visit to your doctor’s office. It is possible that he will have some pieces of advice for you. Try to be more careful with your skin, like staying out of the sun and wear a hat that will protect your face against it. And of course continue using sunscreen and moisturizers, like mentioned previously.

Skin with rosacea will have to be treated gently by using products that cannot harm it even more. For instance, you should avoid facial scrubs or anything that may scratch it. The sensation is very uncomfortable. Switch to using only products for sensitive skin as these should not have in their composition ingredients that may irritate or harm your skin. Wash and clean your face gently, using soft towels and cotton pads. Because this condition is rather common, you may find cosmetic products specially developed to respect the requirements of a skin with rosacea. From skin care products to makeup, you will be able to find what you need to properly take care of your skin.