Take Care of Your Skin. Gently.

Follow blog with Bloglovin! Maybe you’ve had breakouts your whole life.  Maybe acne is something that you suffer with on a daily basis.  Maybe this is your first time struggling with it.  Whatever the case may be, when faced with a barrage of blemishes on your face it can be a tempting reaction to whatever it takes to get rid of acne. Who cares what it is, as long as it works.  However, your skin is a sensitive organ and while trying to just scrub those pimples off by sheer force might sound like an attractive option, doing whatever you want to get rid of acne can easily make it worse!  A few tips for gentle skin care are listed below, so take note! 

1. Don’t pick!  Now this may seem fairly obvious, but actually reminding yourself not to pop that pesky pimple is very important.  Putting pressure on your zit can actually cause the infection to be pushed deeper into your skin and cause more redness and irritation than you already have.  Not to mention this can make the spot worse, and even lead to scarring.

2. Don’t over cleanse! This may seem a bit less obvious to some, but is an important thing to note for good skin care.  When suffering from a breakout, it can sometimes feel like the best solution is just to strip all those nasty seeming oils off of your skin.  But don’t be too harsh!  Your skin needs some of those natural oils to maintain its own health, and often getting rid of all of them can only lead to your body over producing face oil which can lead to oilier skin and more breakouts.  So use a gentle cleanser!

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3. Don’t over exfoliate!  Similar to over cleansing, over exfoliating can lead to increased inflammation and irritation on your skin.  While it can be great to get rid of some of that dead skin that’s on your face, exfoliating too much can cause your skin to breakout even more due to irritation.

4. Don’t leave out moisturizer!  Often those with acne or who already have oily skin skip this important skin care step thinking that after they have washed their face and gotten rid of that residual oil, the last thing they would want to do is apply more moisture to it. WRONG!  Again, leaving your skin too dry can lead to an over production of oils and sebum, which can lead to even more breakouts.  It is always important to apply at least some form of moisturizer on your face after cleansing.  There are many moisturizers that are made specifically for those with acne prone and oily skin, so go ahead and give one of them a try.

5. Download DermCheck App!  For those with more stubborn acne, even following the above steps isn’t always enough to get rid of acne.  A nifty solution?  DermCheck App.  This clever little app, which you can download right to your iPhone from the app store, allows you to submit a virtual consultation to a certified dermatologist who will get back to you, with a prescription if needed, in just 24 hours!  Not only is it speedy and there’s no appointment necessary, but it saves you money too since the first consult is free (for CA state residents) and consults after that are less than your average dermatologists office co-pay; only $37.50!  So give it a try and banish those blemishes from your face for good!

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