The Acne Face-Off: How the Chinese Medicinal Face Map Affects You

Have you ever wondered why you’re prone to acne more often in one area than others? Hormones, hygiene, diet, lifestyle, genetics and oil production are all culpable for acne breakouts. There might be more to it than that, though. There are hidden factors when it comes to acne breakouts and the answers lie within ancient Chinese medicine. According to the Chinese medicinal acne face map, the location of your acne might actually serve as a guide to explain other things that might be going on inside your body.

Although Eastern medicine has been around for a couple thousand of years, some skeptics believe the location of your acne is all coincidental. Even so, there are plenty of factors that indicate that the Chinese medicinal face map isn’t just a bunch of mumbo jumbo. Many have reported breaking out on their cheeks when traveling to places with poor air quality, or around their lips and mouth during their menstrual cycle. These people equate those factors to the Chinese medicinal face map.

If you’re interested in connecting your breakouts with this Chinese medicinal face map, take a look below, see where you’re breaking out, and the possible reasons why. Note any changes that are going on in your life. Maybe you’re stressed from work or about to get your period. Maybe you’ve been eating a lot of greasy food or not drinking enough water. If these things coincide with the area you’re breaking out in, the Chinese medicinal face map might not seem so crazy.

While we’re not quite certain in whether or not its fact or myth, we’ve got to admit that it all seems pretty interesting none the less and the idea that your face could notify you of internal problems is pretty fascinating. We took a closer look at the acne face map and this is what we have depicted: CHINESE FACE MAP